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What is a macaron?

Macarons are a delicate almond meringue cookie, made of finely ground almonds, sugar & egg whites. They were born in Italy in the 16th century, eventually making their way to France. Of course, various towns throughout both countries have their favored tales of this simple, delicate treat. Often confused with the dense coconut macaroon, the macaron has a delicious filling (usually buttercream, jams, ganache or curd) that create each cookie's unique flavor between two of the delicate, meringue shells.

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The term "Macaron" has the same origin as that of the word "macaroni" -- both mean "fine dough" -- so drop the "i" from macaroni, and it sounds like ma*ka*rohn.  


These are a heavier, more dense cookie made of egg whites, sugar & shredded coconut (and sometimes sweetened condensed milk). A treat all to themselves and very different from a macaron.
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