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​How should I store my macarons? How long do they stay fresh?
Macarons must be kept refrigerated. For the best flavor and experience, bring macarons to room temperature (about 15-30 minutes) prior to consuming. The macarons can be stored safely in your refrigerator for 3-4 days. If you do not think you will consume them during that time, they can also safely be frozen in an airtight container for up to 4 weeks. Macarons are best enjoyed at room temperature.

​Are your macarons gluten-free?
Yes. Macarons are naturally gluten-free. At home, I keep a 100% gluten-free kitchen, because I cook & bake for my husband, who suffers from celiac disease. Therefore, I am also very careful to make all fillings & toppings gluten-free. In addition, I take the extra effort to keep all of my equipment (mixer, bowls, spatulas, spoons, baking sheets, pots, piping bags/tips, etc...) 100% gluten-free.  

*Please note: I bake in a shared commercial kitchen, and although I use all my own equipment and keep it gluten-free, the ovens I use may have been used to bake non-gluten-free foods by other bakers sharing the same kitchen.

Do you have vegan macarons? Soy-free fillings? Dairy-free fillings? 
Vegan macarons DO exist; however, I have yet to master them. I am working toward mastering the art of baking with aquafaba and to create the perfect vegan macaron shell. I am also working on a vegan buttercream, vegan ganaches, and a vegan caramel, so keep in touch via the website and social media for the latest updates.

All of the fillings are soy-free with the exception of my Tiffany White Chocolate buttercream.
The Raspberry & Lemon macarons can easily be made dairy-free by eliminating the ring of buttercream and simply filling with the raspberry preserves or lemon curd. If you order either of these flavors and would like them to be dairy-free, please be sure to make that clear to me at the time of your order.

Why are your macarons more expensive than the ones I find at my favorite grocery?
When you purchase a box of frozen macarons from your favorite grocery or warehouse store, what you are getting is not a comparable product to the handmade macarons you will receive from a custom baker, like J'adore Macarons Bakery. The ingredients and time difference between pre-made, frozen macarons and the handmade ones I will make for you are huge. I encourage you to read the ingredient lists from both. Also consider the production time. Pre-made macarons come from a quick assembly line process made for the masses. Every batch I make takes me a minimum of two hours. There is a price difference because there is a major difference in quality, attention to detail, ingredients and attention to detail.

How many macarons should I order? Is there a minimum? How far in advance should I order?
I recommend 2-3 macarons per guest and there is a minimum order of 4 dozen (1 flavor per each dozen).  
My calendar fills up quickly and rather far in advance, so I recommend securing your event date as soon as you can and definitely with a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice.

Due to varying circumstances, I may be able to accommodate your event with less than 4 weeks notice, so please feel free to ask. Please be aware, an order with that short of notice would require payment in full to proceed and be non-refundable for any cancellation reason.

Why must we book you so far in advance?
I am baking from a shared commercial kitchen, so the number one reason is that I need to be able to schedule use of the kitchen. In addition to that, I am my only employee. I am the one handling your order from our first contact to the shopping, baking, filling, boxing, etc. It is important to me that your order receives the full attention you deserve as a customer. 

I've had a consult with you, given you my event date, received a quote .... that means my order is booked, right?
Not quite yet. Consults and quotes are only the first steps. No orders are considered booked until I have received your non-refundable 50% retainer fee for our agreed upon date. This fee is non-refundable because once I schedule your order, I immediately begin acquiring supplies necessary to complete your order, schedule commercial kitchen time, etc. While the 50% retainer fee is NOT refundable, any balance paid over that amount is refundable up to 30 days prior to the scheduled order/event date. I take your order very seriously and value the confidence and trust you've placed with me to follow through. Quotes are good until close-of-business (4PM Pacific) 3 days after the quote is given. The date is considered open until I receive payment of the retainer fee.

Do you offer custom flavors, colors, designs, etc...?
Yes! I would love to be a part of your special event and I am happy to discuss ways that would make it even more special to you. We can color-coordinate macarons that match your theme, create custom flavors, or even bake gluten/grain-free, vegetarian canapés.  
Custom orders require a minimum of 100 macarons. We recommend you place these larger orders at least 4 weeks in advance, but we suggest booking as far in advance as possible to secure your date. Each custom color is an additional flat fee of $35. Each custom flavor is an additional $45. 
Do you deliver?
At this time, we generally do not deliver. Order pickup and delivery options will be discussed at the time of booking.

Do you provide serving trays/towers/displays with my event order?
I do have several options available to rent, depending on availability. Rental pieces vary in rental fees & require a refundable deposit equal to replacement cost. 

Can you donate/participate in our fundraiser?
I am honored you would think of me to be a part of your fundraiser; however, I must decline. Thank you. I am passionate about charitable giving and have already chosen outlets to do so privately and anonymously. 
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